Will the Paleo Diet Help With Diabetes?

Will the Paleo Diet Help With Diabetes

Will the Paleo Diet Help People Who Suffer With Diabetes?

Does the paleo diet help with diabetes? – Its a golden question but the truth is, you generally end up with diabetes as you fuel your body with processed unnatural food. It sounds pretty harsh but it’s true, the majority of diabetes sufferers bring it upon themselves.

Now this article is not about what you did wrong, it’s what you can do right to fuel your body with natural fuel so that you can combat the natural growth of diabetes.

The paleo diet or the paleo lifestyle as I prefer to call it, is one of the best ways of combating diabetes and keeping it under control.

There is absolutely no doubt that if you fuel your body with food from the land, you will reduce your risk of having to deal with diabetes. Thousands of people who were suffering from diabetes reported positive benefits after adopting the paleo way of life.

The paleo diet focuses mostly on healthy free feeding meats, poultry and healthy fats and whole vegetables that are beneficial to the body but grown naturally.

Sugars, carbohydrates, refined foods, potatoes, and all processed foods. are simply not allowed in the paleo diet.

If you follow the paleo diet assiduously,you will help keep your blood sugar level stable which will help you naturally protect against diabetes.

One of the major benefits of living the paleo way is that it’s exactly the kind of natural diet suitable for diabetes sufferers and or, to combat against diabetes in the first place.

The key to protecting and keeping diabetes under control is by keeping your blood sugar stable, and you can do that naturally without even thinking about purely by eating well. Paleo is the cornerstone to staying healthy, even if you already have any form of diabetes.

The modern day way to keep diabetes under control is to use scientific medication which of course comes at a premium, most doctors will prescribe you expensive solutions for diabetes, but the secret is to stop it before the problem arises.

Paleo Diet Manages Diabetes

Many patients have still reported having diabetic ulcers post treatment, unexplained fluctuations in blood glucose levels and other issues that are simply unpleasant.

The main reason for this is the food, that’s right the foods they are purchasing and are not what diabetic patients should be eating, so even if you receive medical attention, insulation or any other treatments, if you do not feed your insides correctly, things will not get under control.

If you live the paleo way, it’s like having free natural medication at home, sounds strange but it’s true, you only really need medical help as you have fueled your body with the wrong fuel.

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It sounds simple and it is, it may not be instant as you need to flush your system out with natural goodness, but it will help long term if you eat the paleo way.

Another problem that many diabetics face is cravings for sweet foods or foods that are not ideal for them. These cravings are often caused by poor food choices. The more sugary foods you consume, the greater your cravings for sugary foods will be. It’s a vicious cycle.

Paleo Diet Eliminates Sugar Cravings

The paleo diet puts an end to all your sugar cravings, don’t get me wrong, it won’t be instant, however, since paleo eliminates sugar from your diet, you will learn to forget about sugar after a couple of weeks..

In the beginning it may be difficult to adapt this diet, but, once you have adapted to it with a new routine, your cravings will soon disappear and your life will become much smoother and easier as you will soon feel a whole better and have extra energy.

blood sugar levelsWhen blood sugar levels spiral out of control, insulin is often required to stabilize the blood sugar levels. Often, these require professional medical treatments that are time consuming and expensive.

The simple fact is that it is relatively easy to keep blood sugar levels under control. Not only will you be spared the hassle of making and keeping medical appointments, but you’ll also save money.

Eating foods that have a high glycemic index will send your blood sugar levels through the roof which is not good. A basic example of a high GI food source would be a bowl of everyday sugary cereal.

A much wiser choice for breakfast would be 2 boiled eggs with a light dash of pepper, plus, let’s be honest, what sounds better and more filling?

What’s the difference with the paleo way?

For example, doughnuts are not allowed if you’re on the paleo diet, however, eggs are allowed and fully recommended as they are full of good fuel for your insides. The former will give you long term health problems and something that can contribute to a diabetic condition, while the latter will be beneficial for your long term health and wellbeing.

When you start living the paleo way you fill find that the paleo diet will also result excess weight loss almost immediately. The main reason for quick weight loss with the paleo diet is that you are basically slowly detoxing your body but fueling it at the same time.

It’s not quite the same as juicing for a weekend where you will dramatically lose weight quickly, you slowly clean and replace the toxins and bloaty water in your body with real natural ingredients.

The initial results will be a lot of water retention will be lost, your body will reduce and become thinner as you are not topping it up with it’s usual daily dose of sugary nonsense,

You will end up leaner and healthier for it. It’s a win-win situation, especially if you genuinely stick to it. If you’re already a diabetic, you definitely want to look into the paleo diet and give it a try as it’s almost like free natural medication.

If you would like to learn more about the paleo diet and how it could help you eat and live healthier, grab our paleo lifestyle starter pack which not only tells you all about paleo and what it actually is.

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