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Which Paleo Guide

Well a good question, which paleo guide should you choose, and which is the best paleo guide. Yes, there truly are some awesome paleo guides and cookbooks in the market place.

I guess it’s each to their own when it comes down to who is the best, reason being as each guide and cookbook has it’s own twist on paleo recipes so it’s all down to your own taste.

Sometimes people can be blinded by marketing and graphics, but remember the devil is in the detail as the old saying goes.

What we at Paleo4U think is that rather than surf the net for what you may think is the best paleo guide, why not consider if you really know what paleo is first and what to look for.

Paleo to us is simple, eat what is natural, however, to some paleo is complicated when it need not be.

It is frustrating that people do not understand about paleo, the simple reason is that we are brainwashed with TV and media, people of the world are conditioned to think garbage processed food is good for you as it’s on TV.

Anyway, before I digress into a world is against paleo rant, why not take a couple of minutes to take the which paleo guide quiz.

End result is a win, win for you!!! – Just see what option is best for you.

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