Tequila Lime BBQ Shrimp

Tasty Tequila Lime BBQ Shrimp Recipe

If you love your fish and you love a fresh zingy light dish then you will love this tasty tequila lime BBQ shrimp recipe. It really is simple to make and is really tangy delicious, ideal for a nice summer evening.

I would like to thank Danielle Walker over at againstallgrain.com for sharing this awesome shrimp recipe, I enjoyed it very much, and as a shrimp lover this one is now on my favourite shrimp recipe dishes as it is packed with flavor and very mourish.

Here is Danielle’s Recipe overview below:-

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A few weeks ago I found myself in a dinner-rut. I had no clue what to make and all of my go-to’s seemed a bit exhausted. I went into my kitchen, grabbed some ingredients, and just let creativity take over! In no time I ended up with Roasted Carrots with Mescal Yogurt Sauce and Tequila Lime BBQ Shrimp. 

I find that sometimes the best meals come when you have no clue what to make. I had the wild-caught shrimp in the freezer, and had just recently enjoyed a margarita with some guests we had over, so the tequila and limes were inspiring and stocked.Read more »

Go here to see the full recipe:- Tequila Lime BBQ Shrimp appeared first on Against All Grain.

tequila lime bbq shrimp recipe

Lime BBQ Shrimp is popular on Twitter

With the  rise of social media you can see how popular the tequila lime BBQ shrimp recipe is. Its a delicious fresh recipe that everyone is talking about.

If you are keen to make this dish take a look at the different twists that you can do to make the dish fresh and zingy!



RT @ipiit: Tequila Lime BBQ Shrimp >> https://t.co/kpxDpjwri9 Great #GlutenFree Tip from Against All Grain

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Tequila Lime BBQ Shrimp >> https://t.co/kpxDpjwri9 Great #GlutenFree Tip from Against All Grain

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Catherine McCord

Tequila Lime BBQ Shrimp from @againstallgrain has to be on your summer menu! https://t.co/ZzSUWj9JVk https://t.co/FmJTTLNqkt

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