Monster Tomahawk Steak Flame Grilled to Perfection

Tomahawk Steak Flame Grilled

Here is a little treat for you, watch this video and starting drooling for it, this has to be one of my favorite steaks and flame grilled for added flavor. Honestly, just look at how delicious that tomahawk steak looks flame grilled.

If you have not tried it you are missing a treat, when the weather is ok there is nothing better than a flame grilled tomahawk steak washed down with a glass of red or a cold beer, or even perhaps a few of each!.

The secret as well as the cooking of course is in the seasoning, no expense should be spared on salt and pepper, use a good quality sea salt and cracked black pepper and don’t be shy about using it.

The other key factor is to let your tomahawk steak rest, give it some time to loosen up and prepare itself for the feast, seriously, I know it will be difficult to wait, but the longer you wait the better…Enjoy!

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